November 5, 2022 NJSSA Meeting Minutes
Officers present: Ben Galioto, Ed Amaty, James Garrett, Mason Palidar and Jay Taylor

Treasurer's Report Balance as of 11/5/22

Ben Galioto provided a copy of the NJSSA Bank Account cover page and a detailed financial statement to the members. The balance on the NJSSA account as of 11/5/22 was $5,469.60.

1) Discussion of Ben Galioto's email to the membership: Ben notified the attendees of two very important events leading up to the officers meeting. The first was that no one contacted him to assist in running NJSSA in 2023 and the second was that he will be stepping down effective 12/31/22.

2) State of New Jersey Department of the Treasury-Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services: In order for NJSSA to maintain a non-profit status, a minimum of 3 newly elected officers must be entered on the state website. Also, it is highly advisable that one of the three officers is a treasurer. The names of the outgoing officers must be removed at the time the application to the State of New Jersey is completed.

Ben Galioto made the following points very clear to those attending the meeting: 1. It is of the utmost importance to have three newly elected officers for the 2023 skeet season. 2. When filling out the application to attain the Non-Profit Certificate the newly elected officers must be entered, and the previous officers must be removed. All contact information must be updated. 3. The incoming Treasurer will take a copy of the Non-Profit Certificate and open a new NJSSA bank account and deposit the NJSSA check given to him from the outgoing Treasurer. 4. All those in attendance were made aware that without 1,2 & 3 being met, NJSSA as an association will no longer exist, and therefore, no state business or registered shoots can be conducted, and any remaining funds should be returned to NSSA.

3) Procedure to transfer NJSSA revenue to a newly elected treasurer: 1. NJSSA meeting 2. A treasurer must be nominated and voted in office 3. Meeting minutes must be posted in NJSSA website 4. Membership notified via email 5. Outgoing treasurer will provide a new treasurer with a check for the remaining balance in the NJSSA account in January 2023 6. The new treasurer must apply for Non-Profit certificate and open a new bank account 7. Existing documentation must be transferred to the new treasurer

During this meeting James Garrett nominated Ed Amaty for the Treasurer position. Ed accepted the nomination, and a vote was taken. All in attendance were in favor.

4) Who will assume responsibility for the maintenance of the NJSSA website: On 1/2/23 Ben Galioto will contact Thomas Massano to transfer website access and responsibilities to Ed Amaty.

Open Discussion: Also discussed was the importance of the State Shoot program and the revenue that is generated to help support our State Shoot. Jay Taylor tentatively offered to assist with the State Shoot program ads.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:45 AM