2022 Risen Star
Fellow Shooters, On Saturday, June 18 Joint Base hosted the Risen Star. Driving 28mph wind and puffy white clouds left twenty three competitors, three referees and a skeptical skeet chairman wondering how we were going to hit anything. But determination and perseverance ruled the day.

Ed Amaty and Ben Galioto were high guns with 97’s in the 12 gauge event. Both shooters walked through a crowd and made their way to the stadium field like two prize fighters. Ben stepped into the box and crushed two perfectly thrown clays. Ed missed a diving second target and Ben won the 12 gauge title. Mason Palidar took A class with a 94. Alex Catalano won his shoot off and nailed down B class with a strong 96. A candidate for most improved shooter, Neil Alexander, broke a 92 to win C class. Ed Amaty took D class with a 97. Sub-junior shooter, Andrew Wojtaszek shot very well to win E class. Way to go Andrew!

The wind did not let up for the 28 gauge event. In fact, the sky grew darker and the winds got even worse. Ben Galioto had to dig deep to break a 92 and win the title!! Your A class winner was Colonel Carl Wojtaszek with an 89. Mason Palidar took B class with a 91. Steve Reuter’s 84 was enough to ice nine other shooters in C class. Nice shooting Steve!! Tommy Surman locked up D class with a strong 87. Welcome back Tom!

A special thank you to my daughter Sophia for helping me with the computer and signing up shooters early in the morning and then refereeing all day. A shout out to Mark Bricker and Ed Amaty for refereeing and for everything else they do to help promote skeet shooting in NJ. Finally, thank you to the Joint Base staff.