2022 Jersey Devil
Dear Membership, On Saturday, April 2nd, thirty five brave souls made it to Joint Base for our first tournament of the year. I knew it was early in the year to hold a shoot, but I decided to roll the dice to see if we would get lucky like last year. No way! It was cold and the wind was blowing hard, which made for some sporty targets.

The first event was the 12 gauge and Ben Galioto, who was able to keep his composure, broke a 99 for the championship. Forever young Dick Lukasik took AA1 with a 91 and Mason Palidar broke a solid 98 to take A1. Hunter Smyth won B1 with a 95, Brian Ziegler iced C1 also with a 95, Howie Mann's 91 took D class and Rita Attard took care of business on the shoot off field to win E1 honors. Nice shooting Rita!

The second gun was the 20 gauge and Mason Palidar who was shooting strong broke another 98. The pressure was now on Ben Galioto, who also broke a 98. The stadium field was electric for the shootoff. Mason missed a diving target on the second pair and Ben broke his pair for the 20 gauge title. Brian Ziegler took AA1 with a 91, Mason Palidar took A1 with his 98 and Joe Attard broke a solid 96 to take B1! Justin Cimino took C1 with a 92 and Junior shooter Gavin Glossner crushed 92 clays to take D1.

The HOA Title went to Ben Galioto who shot a 197x200.

I want to extend a sincere thank you to Colonel Carl Wojtaszek and Major Lucas Gebhart for bringing the Cadets to Joint Base. It was truly a pleasure and an honor to have these young men shoot at our tournament. I also want to thank our New York connections who came in huge numbers to support New Jersey skeet. And how about our Junior shooters CJ & Andrew Wojtaszek and Gavin & Grant Glossner, thank you for coming! Finally, I want to thank the Joint Base crew and our great referees James O’Connor, Ed Amaty, Southpaw Mark Bricker and my daughter Sophia Galioto who is a tremendous help to me.