2021 Ruffian Open
Dear membership, On Saturday, June 19th Joint Base hosted "The Ruffian" a 20 gauge and 410 Bore event. It was a warm sunny day with a little breeze.

Our first event, the 20 gauge had 22 competitors. New York shooter, Colonel Carl Wojtaszek shot a 97 to win the 20 gauge championship. Nice shooting Carl and welcome to Joint Base! Ben Galioto took AA with a 94. Mason Palidar dusted off his K80 and broke a 95 to win A class. Welcome back Mason! Ed Amaty shot a 93 to take B class and Allan Lopez shot a strong 95 to take C class. Nice shooting Allan! Rounding the field was Andrew Harman who took D class with a 91. I would like to acknowledge CJ and Andrew Wojtaszek, both junior shooters who participated in our shoot. Nice shooting guys!!

Our second event was the 410 Bore. After a shaky morning Ben Galioto was able to focus a little harder and shoot a 97 in the little gun which was enough to win the gun title. Joe Attard's 90 reeled in A class and Carl Wojtaszek who had a good day shot a 92 to cement down B class. Bruce Gordon's 91 was enough to win B class while keeping eight competitors at bay. Fellow squadmate Howie Mann secured D class with an 82.

The HOA champion was Ben Galioto with a 191.

I would like to thank everyone who came and shot in our tournament. We had 11 New Jersey Shooters, a total of 11 New York shooters and one Florida shooter. I want to thank all of you for supporting NJ skeet! It is greatly appreciated.

I would like to thank Al Raguseo for setting up the targets and John Cremer for all his help during the day. Enough cannot be said about all the support I’ve received from James Garrett and Ernie Yeager, thank you! How about our referees, Mark Bricker and Sophia Galioto, both refs did a great job on the button. Thank you!!

The Garden State Open is slowly filling up. We currently have 16 four gun shooters signed up. Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested in shooting this event. Below is a GSO flyer for your convenience.

On another note, many of our resident and non-resident shooters who have supported all of our tournaments throughout the year have expressed a strong interest in competing in our state shoot. Please note that when registration begins, priority will be given to those who have actively participated in NJ shoots throughout the year. I hope to see more NJ shooters sign up for the GSO.

Ben Galioto - NJSSA Treasurer