2021 Risen Star
Dear Membership, On Saturday, May 15, 2021 Joint Base hosted The Risen Star. The weather was nearly perfect for most of the day. However, we did experience heavy rain for about an hour during the afternoon.

12 Gauge Event: Joint Base shooter, Dick Lukasik broke a beautiful 100 straight to win the championship outright. Dick is an inspiration to us all and an ambassador to our great sport. Ben Galioto won A class with a 99. B class first went to Jim Seiler who smoked 99 targets. Red hot David Collins shot a 97 to win C class. Bruce Gordon shot four terrific rounds to tie his personal best score with a solid 98 and rounding out the field was Delaware shooter Zeke Walker who shot an 88 to win E class.

During the 28 Gauge event we had a one hour rain delay. However, this did not phase NY shooter Joe Attard who blasted 99 targets with authority to win the championship. Great shooting Joe! Ben Galioto took AA first with a 97 and Jim Seiler won A class with a solid 98. Joe Madlinger’s 96 dominated C class and Andrew Harmon’s 90 secured D class.

The HOA Championship went to Jim Seiler who shot a strong 197x200. Nice shooting Jim!

I would like to take a moment and thank James Garrett for doing a phenomenal job in getting the facility ready. Our Lincoln machines were throwing perfect targets all day thanks to Al Raguseo who did outstanding job getting them tuned. A shout out also goes to John Cremer who assisted throughout the day.

A special thank you goes to Sophia Galioto. Shooter after shooter said she was perfect on the button. Both Ed Amaty and David Collins also did a great job on the button and helping out, thank you!!

Ben Galioto