On 4/10/21 Joint Base hosted the JERSEY DEVIL, its first 2-gun event of the year. Several weeks leading up to our shoot we were concerned about the possibility of rain but in the end we were blessed with near perfect weather.

Our first event was the 12 gauge and New York shooter Robert Nowak shot his first 100 straight. Great shooting Robert! Michael Estepp out of Massachusetts also broke a perfect score with a 100 straight. In a short but spirited shoot-off Robert Nowak was crowned 12 gauge Champion. Ben Galioto won A class with a 95. Kenny Brown and Dick Lukasik both with 97’s settled B class on the shoot off field. After three stations, Dick Lukasik won his class. Joe Madlinger put together four remarkable rounds to shoot a personal best score of 98, great shooting! Ralph Novotny iced D class with a 91 and Andrew Harmon who had a stellar day broke a 93 to take E class.

In the 20 gauge event Ben Galioto was able to bear down and shoot a solid 99 to win the championship outright. Michael Estepp won AA with a 97. Kenny Brown’s 96 secured A class. Spencer Ball shot a very strong 98 to win B class and Zeke Walker’s 91 kept nine competitors at bay to win C class. Rounding out the field was Andrew Harmon who won D class with a 96. Nice shooting Andrew!

The HOA Champion was Michael Estepp with a 197x200.

We had 27 shooters. Three shooters came from Massachusetts, another twelve traveled from New York and one shooter came up from Delaware. A total of eleven shooters were from New Jersey. I want to personally thank each and everyone of you who made the trip! I’ll say it again, NJ Registered Skeet is alive and well!

I would like to thank James Garrett for his commitment and dedication to our great sport. A shout out to Al Raguseo and John Cremer for doing an outstanding job on getting those Lincoln Traps tuned and targets set.

Finally, a big thank you to our referees Sophia Galioto, Hank Bauer and David Collins for doing an outstanding job on the button.

For those of you who are interested in shooting our next event, please contact me ASAP. We already have shooters signed up for the “Risen Star” scheduled for Saturday, May 8th. I will be emailing all of you a Flyer with shoot details this week.

Ben Galioto-Joint Base Skeet Chairman