January 11, 2020 Officers Meeting (Minutes)
Date: January 11, 2020

The meeting was called to order by Ben Galioto, second by Ed Amaty at 10:00am. Present at the meeting were Ben Galioto, Ed Amaty Leo Nebbia, James Garrett, Kevin Dawkins and Tom Surman.

Treasurer’s Report. Since we currently don’t have a Treasurer, Ben Galioto is stepping in to take that role as well as President. He provided the current report. The account balance as of this meeting is $6816.74. Ben is setting up an account ledger to streamline the accounting. The Treasurer’s report was accepted.

Previous Meeting Minutes. Minutes from previous meeting were approved as read by motion from James Garrett, second by Ben Galioto. Open Discussion:

1) 2020 State Shoot Location. As of this meeting the Joint Base Skeet fields will not be under construction before this summer. Therefore, the State Shoot will be held at Joint Base Skeet Fields. The shoot dates are Friday August 21 through Sunday August 23rd.

2) 2020 Skeet Shoot Administrator. Kevin Dawkins will be the administrator for our shoot and will be paid $400 for his services.

3) Joint Base Shoot Schedule. Ed Amaty has volunteered to run registered shoots in 2020 at the Joint Base Shooting Facility. Joint Base will be running registered Monthly Targets to those interested. The registered shoots are posted on the NJSSA Website.

4) State Shoot Program. Ben Galioto is currently working on the program and plans to complete by the end of May. Programs will tentatively be mailed out by the end of June, first week in July.

5) Open Discussion. Tom Surman submitted five names to be considered for nomination into the NJ Skeet Shooting Hall of Fame. This issue has been tabled for now as new rules for nominations are being developed. James Garrett has asked for the board to investigate a way to pay club dues by credit card, similar to how the NSSA accepts payment. Ben Galioto will investigate this issue.

Meeting was adjourned by Ed Amaty.