October 19, 2019 Officers Meeting (Minutes)
October 19, 2019 NJSSA Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Ed Amaty at 10:00am. Present at the meeting were Ben Galioto, Ed Amaty, James Garrett and Leo Nebbia.

Treasurer’s Report-Nick Pino, will step down as Treasurer effective 12/31/19. Nick was not present at the meeting. The Officers agreed that Ben Galioto, current President will also serve as interim Treasurer until this position is filled. Ben Galioto provided the Treasurer’s report. The closing balance on the account as of 9/30/19 was $6,651.99. We received a check from Pine Belt Sportsman’s Club for their October shoot in the amount of $60.00 bringing the balance to $6,711.99. The officers requested that Ben contact Nick to retrieve all Treasurer’s documentation. The Treasurer’s report was accepted.

Minutes from previous meeting were accepted.

October Meeting topics:

1) Status of Officer’s positions: Ben Galioto will remain President, Leo Nebbia will remain as Secretary and Ed Amaty will remain Chief Referee.

2) Joint Base Proposed Construction: Joint Base-Range 14 has submitted a proposal to the Base requesting construction for all new skeet houses with possible construction to begin at some time in 2020. Early stage funding has been allocated for this construction. Final approval may happen by end of 2019.

3) 2020 State Shoot Location: Since Joint Base Skeet fields may be under construction during the summer of 2020, a new location for the 2020 State Shoot may be necessary. James Garrett communicated that he may have a better idea by the end of December 2019 if they will be building new skeet houses during the summer of 2020. If the skeet fields are under construction we will move the State Shoot back to Pine Belt Sportsman’s Club with tentative dates of July 31st through August 2nd, 2020. Leo Nebbia will check with Pine Belt to see if the State Shoot can again be held there if necessary. In the event construction is delayed and Joint Base can host the State Shoot the dates are August 21, 22 & 23. Once we get a more definitive answer from James Garrett, we will notify the membership.

4) Open Discussion: Ed Amaty has volunteered to run registered shoots in 2020 at the Joint Base Shooting Facility. Also, Joint Base may be running registered Monthly Targets for those who are interested.

Meeting was adjourned by Ed Amaty.