April 20, 2019 Officers Meeting (minutes)
Meeting Location: Joint Base

The meeting was called to order by Ben Galioto at 10:10 am. Three officers were present Ben Galioto, Ed Amaty and Leo Nebbia. Joint Base Skeet Chairman James Garrett was present and one attendee: Kevin Dawkins

Reading of the prior meeting minutes. All accepted.

Treasure’s report: In Nick Pino’s absence Ben Galioto provided the officers with the NJSSA account balance. As of 4/20/19 our account balance was $6826.00. The Treasurer’s report was accepted.

Old Business: There were no issues with old business. On the topic of amending NJSSA Hall of Fame amendments both Kevin Dawkins and James Garrett provided an extensive examples and suggestions. The information provided by Kevin and James is in addition to Ben Galioto’s initial proposal provided on the March 2, 2019 meeting.

New Business

Topic 1. The State Shoot Programs were completed by Ben Galioto. We were able to generate $1,600 from the program ads. The cost to NJSSA is $350. Ben will notify Nick Pino for reimbursement.

Topic 2. It was determined by the officers that the State Shoot Programs will be mailed on Monday, June 3rd 2019. Prior to the mailing Ed Amaty will send an email notifying the membership. In Ed’s email he will also provide all refund information as it pertains to the State Shoot. Shooter who cancel prior to or on July 16th will be given a full refund. Shooters who cancel between July 17th and July 25th will receive their refund minus referee fees. Effective Friday, July 26th no refunds will be given.

Topic 3. The Officers insist on pursuing Pine Belt for reimbursement of the “Skeet Manager Software”. Ben Galioto will discuss with Pine Belts President Jeff Slimm.

Topic 4. The officers decided on the following menu items for our State Shoot social event on Saturday evening (Italian Meats – Meatball tray – Wings – Baked Ziti – Salad – Bread/rolls). Ben Galioto will give Nick Pino the menu and he will place order with vendor and coordinate delivery.

Topic 5. The State Shoot prizes will be delivered to Ben Galioto’s home on May 13, 2019.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:30 am