March 2, 2019 Officers Meeting (minutes)
March 2, 2019 Officers Meeting (Minutes) Meeting Location: Joint Base The meeting was called to order by Ben Galioto at 10:00 am. Four officers were present Ben Galioto, Nick Pino, Ed Amaty and Leo Nebbia. Joint Base Skeet Chairman James Garrett was present and one attendee: Kevin Dawkins

Reading of the prior meeting minutes. All accepted.

Treasure’s report: Nick Pino, Treasurer, notified the officers that Central Jersey Gun Club paid their annual dues of $50 and the balance as of 3/2/19 is now $5150.00. The Treasurer’s report was accepted.

Old Business The topic of the Jerry Schoenbart Hall of Fame Nomination was further discussed. Both Ben and Ed agreed that each would have a 5 minute time limit to discuss their opinion on his induction. After both had expressed their views to the officers no final decision was made and the issue was tabled. Old business was completed and agreed by the members present.

New Business

Topic 1. Skeet Manager Software: Ben Galioto purchased the software and is requesting to be reimbursed for the expense. James Garrett objected to NJSSA purchasing the software as this is the responsibility of the Host Club. Ben will approach Pine Belt for the expense. All present were in agreement.

Topic 2. State Champions awards: Ben Galioto purchased 7 decoy trophy’s to be awarded to the winners in the State Shoot event. The cost of the decoys is $700, Ben made an initial deposit of $100 which will be reimbursed. He shall provide the treasurer with the receipt for the expense. All present voted yes to move forward with this purchase.

Topic 3. Certified referees for the upcoming State Shoot. Ed Amaty requested that all referees be certified by the NSSA.

Topic 4. State Shoot Saturday evening social event: There will be no State Shoot dinner this year, it was suggested that a social hour be arranged at Pine Belt Club House after Saturday’s shooting was completed. Nick Pino offered to look into the cost for hors d’oeuvres for the event. It was agreed by everyone that shooters and guests not be charged to attend this social hour. Also, Ben will be sending out an email to notify the membership that Pine Belt Sportsman’s Club can only host a maximum of 30 shooters.

Topic 5. State Shoot Program: Ben was to provide the treasurer with checks he received for advertisements on the program. Ben forgot to bring the checks and will have them at the next meeting.

Topic 6. Hall of Fame Amendments: Earlier in the year Ben Galioto drafted amendments to the current Hall of fame by-laws which were emailed to the officers and club chairmen. The amendments were discussed by all present and not agreed upon at this time. The issue would be tabled and discussed and voted on at our next meeting. All present were asked to bring their ideas on the amendments to the next meeting for discussion.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:40 am