February 24, 2018 Officers Meeting (Minutes)
Officers Meeting Location: Joint Base Rod and Gun Club The meeting was called to order by Ben Galioto at 10:15 a.m. Three officers were present: Ben Galioto, Nick Pino, Russell Paul and one club chairman, James Garrett.

Treasurer's Report: Nick Pino, Treasurer, notified the officers and club members that our current balance is $4,156. The Treasurer's report was accepted.

James Garrett nominated Edward Amaty to be our chief referee, and Mr. Amaty accepted the nomination.

Open Discussion:

Topic 1: Joint Base to Hire Skeet Mechanic Russell Paul. Russell Paul’s services will be retained by Joint Base via a contract. He will be maintaining/repairing the trap machines in fields 2 through 10. Once a contract is finalized by Joint Base, Ben Galioto will prepare and submit invoices on behalf of Russell Paul.

Topic 2: State Shoot Program On February 7th, Ben Galioto sent an email to the membership with a 2018 New Jersey State Shoot program application. The goal of the officers is to take out as many ads as possible and increase funding for our organization. Each officer will be reaching out to people to see if they would be interested in taking out an ad.

Topic 3: State Shoot Dinner Nick Pino has agreed to contact last year’s caterer to see if he would be agreeable to preparing the dinner for this year’s State Shoot.

Topic 4: State Championship Awards For 2018, the officers have agreed to award leather pouches for each gun champion and HOA. HOA runner-up will receive a belt buckle.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.