July 16th, 2016 Officers Meeting (Minutes)
Officers Meeting Location: Joint Base - The meeting was called to order by Ben Galioto at 10 a.m.

Three officers and one club representative from Fort Dix were present, for a total of four voting members.

No official votes would take place at this meeting, as we did not have a quorum.

Treasurer's Report: Nick Pino, Treasurer, notified the officers and club members that our current balance is $2,215. Nick also notified us that we were to pay for belt buckles, the shoot program (Debra Perry), food, as well as for Kevin Dawkins to run the State Shoot. The Treasurer's report, as well as pending expenses, was accepted.

Open Floor Discussions: Several minor corrections were made to the shoot registration form. Also, one correction needed to be made removing concurrent medals from the shoot program, as this will be a money shoot. In addition, Ernie Yaeger donated one case of Remington Gun Club 20 gauge shells to the Out-Of-State Doubles Champion. Finally, there was a discussion regarding lowering the state minimums. It was agreed, but not voted on, to modify the state minimums in order to qualify for the State Team. The mandatory state minimums will be lowered to 800-600-600-600 respectively. A total of 300 targets in each gauge are to be shot in the state of New Jersey. The only mandatory tournament will be the NJ State Shoot, and shooters will be expected to shoot all four guns (12ga, 20ga, 28ga, and 410 bore).

Motion to adjourn meeting by Ben Galioto and seconded by Nick Pino at 11:15 a.m.