Treasury report: $2,664.78

Zone Shoot: • Proof shells were donated (use leftover for State shoot) • Engraving ready by July 30 NJ Skeet Meeting 8/7 • Kevin is good with everything he needs Refs

o Ed has three guys so far and will call Greg from Pinebelt to possibly Ref State shoot

• No parent/child • No husband/wife • Junior? • Advertise NJSkeet.com website in program to promote participation • Vendors: Food Truck and Shoot NJ • Need someone to hand out medals • Talked about a pre-registration table • Need all ads for program o Central Jersey o Pinebelt o Square Circle (Tony to talk to them) o Joint Base (Larry will ask Ernie) Need to set a consistent date for State shoot Holly Paul not old enough to be nominated for Hall of Fame Next meeting: Aug 20, 2014