November minutes
November 20, 2013 Meeting of the NJSSA

Called to order at 7:07 PM

Members in attendance: E. Amaty, L. Patrusevich, J. Garrett, K. Dawkins, B. Galioto, L. Canino

Paperwork has to be submitted for the Zone Shoot. They only need the date and club which we have: Ft. Dix, August 8-10. Ft. Dix pays for everything except the targets, which we pay for. All money goes to the NJSSA Dix manages the shoot.

The question was raised – should it be a money or medal shoot? We came to nothing concrete yet.

We discussed what the cost per gun might be: $1 state, $4 NSSA, $6 ref pp, $14 targets, $4 dinner, $ medals, $10 back to class -- $44 per gun. $1000 HOA given by NSSA Larry will compile a spreadsheet of known costs and see where we need to go with this.

We need to begin selling ads for the State Shoot now. Ben will keep a separate ledger to keep track of this. We need to get an ad in Skeet Review. Joe H. will take care of creating a small schedule of all NJ shoots to send to all shooters. Prizes for the State Shoot were discussed. What can we give to the HOA so as to not always give away the same item. We did not give away any leather goods last year, so that may be a good choice for 2014. We will look into prices of other options. Look at trophy catalogs for ideas as well as prices of items and delivery charges. We need to look at last year’s figures to see what our costs were.

We need a Hall of Fame Committee. It must be comprised of three members who are not officers. No one remembered the exact criteria for nomination. Who has the list? Larry will send the application to Eddie.

We need another person besides Ben who can sign checks. Joe? We need official minutes stating these two people will be our signers – to be given to our financial institution on official letterhead.

James made a motion to extend the Junior Program. Motion seconded by Eddie and carried unanimously.

Two changes were pointed out that need to be made to October’s minutes: Omit “We were . . . $2600” and “Louis” to Lew. Minutes accepted.

Everyone agreed that we will not meet in December. Next meeting will be January 15, 2014 at 7PM

Meeting adjourned at 8:31 PM