October 16, 2013 Meeting of the NJSSA Meeting called to order at 7:40pm

Members in attendance: Edward Amaty, Joe Hall, James Garrett, Larry Patrusevich, Ben Galioto, George Quirk, Kevin Dawkins and Lisa Canino

State Shoot 2013 was a success. Ideas as to how we can raise funds for the shoot next year: Sell more ads and boosters.

Ads sold are to be sent to Joe Hall 1/4pg $30, 1/2pg $60, full pg $100 We need many more fundraising ideas.

We need to attract more shooters as well. Perhaps giving away boxes of ammo will be a draw. We need more ideas in this area as well. Costs need to be cut as well. One idea is to get rid of the Jr. medal since the only Jr. shooters have been from out of state. Many shooters left Saturday night and didn’t stay for dinner. How do we keep shooters there for dinner and get them to stay for the meeting afterward?

How do we get more NJ shooters to shoot at all the clubs? Make a credit card-sized list of all shoots for the year. of the shoot schedule.

Ft. Dix is hosting the Zone for 2014. It will be held the second weekend in August. So as not to have back-to-back Zone and State, we could hold the State shoot the first weekend in September (5-7).

Shoot conflicts for 2014 need to be worked out. Ft. Dix wants to hold shoots on the third weekend to alleviate staffing problems. Pine belt usually holds their shoots on the first weekend; Wayside and Central Jersey on the third weekend and Florham Park on the fourth weekend (but they are not a problem). Eddie will contact clubs, talk to Lew from Wayside about a possible change to accommodate Ft. Dix.

Joe Hall gave a partial treasury report. There was approx. $6000 in the fund prior to the State Shoot. We lost $2,592.75 at the State Balance as of today: $2,711.13

Holding meetings earlier was brought up. Everyone agreed to 7:00 in the future.