Holly Paul Runs Them At C.J. By Eddie Amaty Jr. Jackson, N.J. It was A nice day at Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol Club and Holly Paul NSSA Hall of Famer ran the 28 Gauge and was gun champ. Holly looks like she’s back to her old self running the 28 Gauge. Nice shooting Holly!!

Other winners Njssa president Joe Hall won AA class with a 95, good to Joe at Central Jersey and in A class our Pa. friend Warren Frankenberger won with a 91 and in B class was Eddie Amaty Jr, with a 93 in C class the winner was Ron Perrine with a 92 and D-2 was Howie Mann with a 83, D class winners are D-1 was Bruce Gordon with a 87, D-2 Carol Abernathy with a 85 (won coin toss) D-3 was Ray Stas with a 85 and to round out D class was Bill Shanok with a 83.

I would like to thank Tony Horling and my son Zach for doing a great just being my refs, thanks Carol for cleaning up. This shooting season will a great one!!!! Everyone have a great season!!!!

God Bless America!!!!!