Jim Hilton Wins at C.J. By Eddie Amaty Jr. Jackson, N.J. It was a cloudy and flurries for the second flight! But Jim Hilton shot well to win at Central Jersey with a 97!!! Nice shooting Jim!!!! We have a nice turnout today ! Other winners for our 20 gauge shoot was in A class was Joe Attard with a 96, Joe has been on fire lately!! In B class B-1 was Eddie Amaty Jr. with a 94, B-2 was Jeff Adler with a 93 and B-3 was John Nichols with a 92, in C class C-1 was Tim Hosea with a 89, C-2 was Andrew Harmon with a 86 and C-03 was Marvin Bradford with a 82, in D class D-1 was Carol Abernathy with a 94 Great shooting Carol!!! D-2 was Bill Shanok with a 87 and D-3 was Rita Attard with a 85. I would like to welcome Jeff Adler to Central Jersey his first shoot at C.J. and welcome back Tim Hosea and Mark Butler. I would like to thank Tony Horling for pulling and taking care of The skeet machines!! Thank You Rita for your home made Rum cake!!!! Carol thanks for your help cleaning up!!! Remember to support your local gun club!!! See you next month!! God Bless America!!!!