John Nichols Wins At C.J.
John Nichols Wins at Central Jersey By Eddie Amaty Jr. Jackson, N.J.

It was a beautiful sunny day but of course windy!!! But John Nichols was on that day winning gun champ at Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol Club with a 97!!! Great Shooting John!!

Other class winners are in A class was Joe Attard with a 95 and A-2 was Jim Hilton with a 91, in B class was Andrew Harmon with a 91 and B-2 was Eddie Amaty with a 87 and B-3 was Bill Damora with a 75 and in C class was C-1 was Steve Weintraub with a 84 and C-2 was Bill Shanok with a 81 and C-3 was Marvin Bradford with a 81, in D class D-1 was Carol Abernathy with a 80 and D-2 was Rita Attard.

I would like to thank Rita Attard and Sue Nichols for bringing cake and cookies to the shoot and thank you Carol for helping cleaning up and of course thanks to Tony Horling and my son Zachary for reffing and Zachary for helping me set-up in the morning!!!