GALIOTO GETS THEM ALL, ZEMA WINS 28 GA By Eddie Amaty Jr. Jackson, N.J,

It was a beautiful day at Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol Club, and Ben Galioto ran the 20 GA. Ben was on that morning!! Great shooting Ben!!! Right behind Ben was Eddie Amaty with a 97 and also won A class, other winners that morning were AA class was John Zema with a 94,in B class was Jin Santiago with a 95,B-2 was Lew Petryk with a 93 then can Ken Ericson with a 93 then came Tom Surman with a 88, Zeke Walker with a 85 and Jim Areheart with a 84. In C class winner was Ed Whitman with a 90 and right behind Ed was a new shooter to Central Jersey was Chip Miller with an 88. Welcome to Central Jersey Chip!!!!!!

In the afternoon 28 GA event the winner was John Zema with a 96 and once again right behind John was Eddie Amaty with a 95 and also won B class. Other winners in the afternoon was in AA class was Ben Galioto with a 92,in B class was B-1 was again Eddie Amaty with a 95 B-2 was Ed Whitman with a 90,B-3 was Jim Areheart with a 85 and in C class was Zeke Walker with a 93, Lew Petryk with a 92 and Tom Surman with a 89. I also would like to thank my son Zachary for reefing for me, he did a great job.

I hope I will see everyone at our state shoot next week!!!