officers involved can participate in the shoot if desired. Howard did not get New Jersey State Skeet Association May 12, 2012 Minutes for 6th Meeting of 2012 shoot year Location: Pine Belt Sportsman’s Club

Attending Officers: Howard Mathews, President Russ Paul, Vice President Greg Khalaf, Secretary

Others present: Zeke Walker, National Director James Garrett Kevin Dawkins Paul Billings Meeting called to order 4:47 PM April 2012 Meeting minutes were read, accepted and approved. Howard gave Treasurer’s report including bank balances and noting the importance of changing the checking account so Joe can sign checks. Greg Khalaf gave the Secretary’s report: Greg sold boosters and ads for the program. Jim Luts claims he is owed an ad in the program because when Tom Bennet was president in 2004 Jim bought an ad for his business but a program was never produced. Jim has a cancelled check to verify his claim. Greg will be temporarily relocating to Atlanta, Ga. and hopes to attend the NJ championship shoot in August. Greg will send an email to Jay Taylor asking him to take over secretary’s responsibilities.

Old Business: Plans were made for Joe, Tony and Greg will go to the bank together at last meeting however this was not done due to scheduling conflicts. A tentative time was set pending approval by Joe and Tony Yovnello for June 2 at Pinebelt. It is anticipated that this can be done early so the any prices for awards, programs, shirts, etc. Jay Taylor was not available to give prices for jackets. Howard reported that NSSA is still using Ray Cronk’s name and address for State business. Howard will call NSSA and Greg will send an email with the correct information.

Joe was not available to say if he was able to look up prices and amounts of programs ordered and the costs from last year. Howard will remind him to bring this information to the next meeting. Nothing will be ordered before the next meeting that is scheduled to take place after the shoot on June 2 at Pinebelt.

New business: Zeke will get prices for medals, hats and buckles before the next meeting. James and Kevin reported that JBMDL experienced additional costs and needs to increase the fee if they are going to run the State shoot as they did in 2011.

Howard noted that it is necessary that all officers and interested parties be present at the next meeting so that decisions on awards, procedures, the dinner, etc., for the championship can be finalized. Howard proposed that options offered at the State shoot should be: Class purse, Lewis class, concurrent, handicap, 50’s and champ of champs.

Next meeting is scheduled for June 2, 2012 at Pine Belt after the 2 gun registered shoot at approximately 4:00 PM Meeting was adjourned at 5:30