New Jersey State Skeet Association April 7, 2012 Minutes for 5th Meeting of 2012 shoot year Location: Central Jersey Rifle Pistol Club.

Attending 2011 Officers: Howard Mathews, President Russ Paul, Vice President Greg Khalaf, Secretary Anthony Yovnello, Former Treasurer Joe Hall, Treasurer Others present: James Garrett Kevin Dawkins

Meeting called to order 5:03 PM March 2012 Minutes were read, accepted and approved with corrections. Howard noted corrections and reported that Thunder Mt would not be holding registered shoots anymore. Joe Hall gave the treasures report. Howard noted that we need to get the checking account switched into Joe’s name because many expenses were upcoming for the State shoot. Programs and medals need to be ordered. Tony Yovnello suggested that 150 - 200 programs should be ordered. Joe will look at the bills from last year. Plans were made for Joe, Tony and Greg will go to the bank together. Howard raised monies for boosters. Old Business. Howard proposed the third vote by the board to change the minimums to qualify for state teams. They will be as follows: 800 targets in each gun including 100 in each gun at the State shoot, 100 targets in each gun anywhere in NJ. Totals are 200 in each gun in NJ and 600 targets anywhere in the USA. Motion was passed and will now become part of the NJSSA by laws.

John Zema retracted his offer to add $1500. Plans will be made for next year to accommodate the offer so that out of state shooters would be attracted and do not conflict with other big shoots such as the Great Eastern and Debbie's North South. Late April was a suggestion. New business: Howard endorses Andrew Engle for Zone director in the upcoming election. Howard will get price list from Lonesome Charlie’s. Medals will be reduced to 3 places to save money that can be used for Lady’s champion.

Next meeting is scheduled for May 12th, 2012 at Pine Belt after the 2 gun registered shoot approximately 4:00. Meeting was adjourned at 5:40 PM