MURRAY WINS 410 AMATY WINS DOUBLES By Eddie Amaty Jr. Jackson,N.J. It was a beautiful day slight breeze on this Saturday morning, and Mike Murray had a beautiful day at .410 bore, hitting an 88. Nice shooting mike.000-032 CCA-470

Other winners we have are for B class are B-1 was John Nichols with an 85, and right behind John was Dick Lukasik with an 85 and B-3 was Jim Hilton with an 84. In C class C-1 winner was Bill Damora with a 84, Bill had been shooting well as of late keep up the good work Bill, C-2 was Tom Surman with a 83 and C-3 was Ray Stas with a 80,in D class the winners was Bill Shanok with a 81 and D-2 was Steve Weintraub with a 76. In the afternoon was the Doubles and Eddie Amaty winning it with an 93. Other winners we had was A class Jim Hilton was the lone winner with an 88, in B class we have a shoot-off with 2 92’s between John Nichols and Bill Damora and John Nichols came out on top for B-1 and Bill Damora was B-2, C class winner are Mike Murray with an 84,C-2 was Tom Surman with an 81 and D class was D-1 was Steve Weintraub with a 83.

I would like to thank everyone for all their support and help running the shoots at Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol club. See everyone next month at the club championship.

GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!!!!!!!!!!