Joe Hall C.J 20 GA CHAMP By Eddie Amaty Jr. Jackson, N.J. It was a beautiful day no breeze, no wind. There was a shoot off for gun champ between Joe Hall, Buttons Matthews and Eddie Amaty and Joe Hall came out on top with a 97!!! Joe has been shooting well as of late; keep up the good work Joe!!

Our other winners are in AA is Buttons Mathews with a 97, in A class Russell Paul was A-1 with a 96, A-2 was Jim Hilton with a 95and A-3 was Jay Taylor with a 90. In B class B-1 was Eddie Amaty with a 97, B-2 was Bill Damora with a 96 Bill has been shooting well! Nice shooting Bill!!!B-3 was Tony Maggi with a 95. And is C class the winners are C-1 was Tom Surman with a 95 nice shooting Tom!!!! C-2 was Ed Whitman with a 91 and C-3 was Greg Khalaf with a 90, In D class was Rita Attard with an 80 and D-2 was Skeete Smitha with a 71 Skeete is a sub-junior with a bright future in skeet shooting keep an eye on him! D-3 is Rob Wedekins with a 65!

It’s good to see everyone shooting at Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol club. I would like to thank Rita Attard for bringing her homemade cake and also thank Sue Nichols for the donuts for everyone. Thank You Bill Damora for stepping up for me and reffing! And also thanks Tony Horling for his great button!!

We had a state meeting and we set a date for the New Jersey State Championship it’s August 24, 25, 26 2012 at Fort Dix shooting range 14.I am happy many shooters stayed to attend the state meeting we got good feed back from them. Keep coming to the meeting!! Our next state meeting is April 7 2012 at Pinebelt after the shoot, see you then!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!