AMATY CHAMP AT C.J. By Eddie Amaty Jr.

Jackson, N.J. was a beautiful day at Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol club for a February day. There was a shoot-off for gun champ between Tony Maggi and Eddie Amaty and Eddie came out on top shoot a 96. It was good seeing Tony at Central Jersey!!

Other winners for the day was a shoot-off for B-1 between John Nichols and Bill Damora and John won so B-1 was John Nichols with a 95 and B-2 was Bill Damora with a 95,C class winners was C-1 Tony Maggi with a 96 for C-2 there was a shoot-off between Joe Attard and Ed Whitman both with a 94 and Joe came out the winner, so Joe Attard was C-2 with a 94 and Ed Whitman was C-3 with a 94 and in D class Marvin Bradford was the lone winner in his class with a 84, in E class the winner is Melvin Welch with a 84 it was good to see Melvin at Central Jersey and C-2 was a new shooter to Central Jersey was Tim Hosea with a 83 and C-3 another new shooter to Central Jersey was Mark Butler with a 81.

I would like to welcome to Central Jersey for the first time Rob Wedekins, Tim Hosea and Mark Butler, nice to meet you guys and hopefully will see you at next months shoot.

I also would like to thank Rita Attard for baking the great carrot cake which everyone enjoyed!!! Thanks Rita!!! And also like to thank Tony Horling for being my ref and teaching my son Greg the ins and outs on being a ref. See you next month 20 ga.