Joe Attard 20 Gauge Champ at C.J.
Joe Attard 20 Gauge Champ At C.J. By Eddie Amaty Jr. It was a beautiful day at Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol Club sunny no wind it was great!!!!!!!!!!! Joe had to earn his win, there was three 96’s Joe Attard, John Nichols and Eddie Amaty after the shoot-off Joe can out on top!!! Nice shooting Joe! Other winners are in AA was Buttons Matthews with a 95, in B class after shoot-of was John Nichols with a 96 B-2 was Eddie Amaty with a 96 and B-3 was Lew Petryk with a 92, C class was Al DiGangi with a 88 and Marvin Bradford with a 88 and C-3 was Greg Khalaf with a 83,in D class D-1 was Rita Attard with a 88, looks like the Attard’s had a good day of shooting!,D-2 Was Ray Stas with a 85 and D-3 went to a junior shooter Skeete Smitha.

I would like to welcome some new shooters to Central Jersey Joe Hall, Al DiGangi and Skeete Smitha I hope we see you guys again soon! I would like to thank Tony Horling for coming down to ref and fix the machines and John Nichols for taking care of the fields as I was doing computer work.

We had a state meeting after the shoot, I think we have a very good group of skeet shooters that really care about the sport and I’m happy to be part of this group.

We announce the state team Captain, Ray Cronk, Larry Patrusevich, Russ Paul, Jay Taylor, Hank Bauer, Paul Billings, Lew Petryk, Jim Bogle, Eddie Amaty and Tony Viel. And Most Improved for the second straight year is Ray Stas nice shooting by all!!

Buttons Matthews is looking to make some changes in the by-laws and we had a good crowd at the meeting and it worked out so we can hear from the shooters in was a productive meeting. Our next meeting is 3.17.12 at Central Jersey at 1 PM Right after the shoot. See everyone next month 12 gauge.

God Bless America!!!!!!