NJSSA minutes August 2011
New Jersey State Skeet Association August 17, 2011 8th Meeting of 2011 Location: Range 14 JBMDL Minutes by Greg Khalaf Attending Officers: Jim Bogle, Vice President Greg Khalaf, Secretary Anthony Yovnello, Acting Treasurer Eddie Amaty, Chief Referee Others present: Larry Patrusevich James Garrett Kevin Dawkins Horace Walker Ernie Yeager

Meeting called to order at 7:30PM Minutes from last meeting held on 7-20-2011 were read, accepted and approved. Officers Reports: Tony Yovnello gave the treasurers Luxury Watches Online report and provided statements from the month of July 2011. Tony received a call from Thunder Mt regarding the certified letter NJSSA sent. The conversation was not productive. They have not submitted fees as yet. Apparently, the problem of Thunder Mt. not submitting State fees remains ongoing. Discussion followed on how to proceed with resolving the problem. It was agreed that further action should be taken promptly should fees, fine not be paid by 15 days after the next scheduled NSSA registered shoot held at Thunder Mt. All revenue from the program ads have been paid and deposits for 40 shooters for the State. Tony received metals, leather goods and plaques, all in good condition. Zeke organized the metals for easy distribution. Secretary, Greg Khalaf reported, received delivery confirmation of the certified letter to Thunder Mt. to notify them of their violation. Ed Amaty gave the Chief refereeā€™s report: He had recruited four full time referees for the State however one Fashion In Your Life has dropped out. He feels he will be okay with covering all squads with refs. Ed has secured Tuscany of Jackson to cater the dinner. The menu is not yet finalized but http://www.njskeet.com/admin/News_topic_admin_edit.cfm?Newsid=191 all other specifics have been finalized with the caterer. Ed will conduct a drawing on Saturday to award one New Jersey shooter a free entry to the World Skeet Championship in San Antonio October 2011 provided by the NSSA. Ernie Yeager will take care of lunch for Saturday, a cake for dinner, and call Rob Modowski regarding a welcome banner.

Next meeting was scheduled for Saturday August 27, 2011 after the dinner in Yeager Hall, JBMDL Range 14.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.