NJSSA minutes July 2011
New Jersey State Skeet Association

July 20, 2011 7th Meeting of 2011 Location: Range 14 JBMDL Minutes by Greg Khalaf Attending Officers: Tolga Gumusayak, President Jim Bogle, Vice President Greg Khalaf, Secretary Anthony Yovnello, Acting Treasurer Eddie Amaty, Chief Referee

Others present: Larry Patrusevich James Garrett Kevin Dawkins Horace Walker Ernie Yeager

Meeting called to order at 7:32PM

Minutes from last meeting held on 6-22-2011 were read, accepted and approved.

Officers Reports:

Tony Yovnello gave the treasurers report and provided statements from the month of June There are no prevailing expenses. Monies are still due for unpaid ads in the shoot program. Larry is working on getting these final payments in. There was an NSSA registered shoot held at Thunder Mt on May 7 and fees were not paid to the NJSSA for this event.

Secretary, Greg Khalaf reported he drafted a letter to Thunder Mt. to notify them of their violation of the new rule, that NJSSA is applying the designated fine of $25 for this violation and requesting that fees and the fine be paid promptly to avoid further action. The letter was discussed and it was unanimously decided to send the letter certified mail and therefore formally imposing the fine.

Ed Amaty gave the Chief referee’s report: He has recruited four full time referees for the State Shoot. Ed has volunteered to do the squadding for the Championship. Aspects of squadding, sign ups, scores, reports, awards, etc. were covered in the following discussions. No problems are expected.

Larry Patrusevich presented a plan to acquire the services of Base staff to assist in the administration of the State Championship. Base staff, Kevin Dawkins and James who have been providing the same services for JBMDL Base run shoots propose: They will do sign ups, collect fees (all monies will be property of NJSSA) enter and produce score sheets using the computer and current NSSA software provided by NJSSA. Larry will provide assistance and oversee that the process runs smoothly and is done correctly. All NJSSA officers will be handling all other responsibilities related to shoot management and production. A motion was made and unanimously approved to accept the proposal to contract the base employees for the 2011 NJ State Championship shoot at JBMDL Range 14 formerly known as Fort Dix Range 14.

Old Business: 76 Programs for The State Championship were mailed out. Some Programs had no entry forms. The form is posted on NJSkeet.com for anyone to access.

Tolga contacted Christopher’s to see if they were available to cater the dinner. They are available A new caterer was recommended by the Amatys: Tuscany of Jackson. Ed Amaty had contacted them, secured a bid including: price, menu and their availability to cater the dinner. A discussion followed including the pros and cons of switching caterers. A motion was made to contract Tuscany for the dinner through Ed Amaty. The motion was unanimously approved.

New Business: Participation was up for the GSO. Overall the shoot went smoothly. Apologies were expressed for not offering free food to guests and spectators however care was taken to see that participants were served first.

Shirts for the Championship were discussed before finalizing the order. Next meeting was scheduled for August 17, 2011 at JBMDL range 14 at 7:30 pm.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.