2011 NJ State Shoot

The New Jersey State championships were held on September 9, 10 and 11 at Fort Dix, New Jersey. This was originally scheduled on August 27, 28 & 29, 2011 but New Jersey shooters this year were bumped by hurricane Irene. Irene turned out to be one of the worst storms the North East has ever seen, with wide spread evacuations, flooding and road closures. But on this September weekend there was no weather to talk about, just great times, great scores, plenty of nice awards and awesome food. For those who were able to rearrange their schedules to attend New Jersey skeet shooter’s favorite event, all were pleased.

The Doubles event on Friday was won by Jim Hilton who came up with a 99. Runner up went to Rick Bagni taking down 94. A1 went to Ray Cronk, B1 Joe Hall, C1 Lew Petryk and D1 Greg Khalaf.

Saturday began with the 28 gauge and scores were high. Rick Bagni held on in the shoot off and took gun champion, Larry Patrusevich settled for runner up. Ben Gallioto claimed AA1 and Lew Petryk took B1. All had a 98. One bird behind was Paul Billings who’s 97 insured the A1 prize, Horace Walker bagged a 95 for C1 and Carol Abernathy won the gold for D1.

The 20 gauge event got hot with two 100 straights by Paul Billings and Jim Hilton. Billings prevailed and claimed the gun champion’s award. Jim Hilton was runner up. Joe Hall was on fire with a 99 taking A1. Five competitors shot 97’s. AA1 was a tough battle for Howard Mathews who won over Ray Cronk AA2, Ben Galioto AA3. John Nichols beat out Jay Taylor for B1. Jim Bogle took C1 with a 96 and D1 went to Rick Albana. Great shooting guys! Thanks for an exciting end to a perfect day. Saturday night started with the State association meeting in Yeager Hall and elections were the first order of business. For 2012: Howard Mathews was elected as the new president, Russ Paul vice president, Joe Hall who will serve as the new treasurer, Ed Amaty will continue as chief referee and Greg Khalaf will continue as secretary. Thanks guys. Your commitment to take on these responsibilities is honorable and appreciated by all New Jersey shooters. We would like to thank Tony Yovnello for his excellent service as treasurer for the past eight years and Tolga Gumusayak who did an excellent job as president of the NJSSA for five years and will pass the gavel to Howard (Buttons) Mathews at the end of 2011. Where would our great sport be without these gentlemen and others like them who make it happen? Jay Taylor made a speech including special thanks to the officers of the NJSSA. Dick Lukasik was inducted into the New Jersey Skeet Hall of Fame for everything he has done to benefit the sport over his many years in New Jersey skeet. Dick said why he loves skeet shooting: no matter if he shoots well or not, the best part is getting together with and enjoying the many friends he has made over the years that he has been shooting. State teams were announced and everyone enjoyed a gourmet meal which concluded a great day.

Sunday morning we began with the .410, which is always a wake-up call for all. Jay Taylor was champion knocking down 95 but had to battle runner up, Joe Hall who also shot a 95. Three came in with 94: Ray Cronk prevailed for AA1, Rick Bagni AA2, and Howard Mathews AA3. Henry Bauer claimed A1, Jim Hilton B1, Tony Veil C1 and D1 went to Carol Abernathy.

The afternoon 12 gauge event was won by Ben Galioto with 100 straight. 99’s were put down by Russ Paul A1, Eddie Amaty B1 and Joe Hall B2. Howard Mathews took AA1, Marvin Bradford C1, and Ray Stas D1. The HOA went to: Champion Joe Hall with 387, Runner up Ben Gallioto, A1 Ray Cronk, B1 Paul Billings, C1 John Pownall and D1 Greg Khalaf. Congratulations and nice shooting!