NJSSA minutes May 25,2011
New Jersey State Skeet Association

May 25, 2011 5th meeting of 2011 Location: Range 14 JBMDL Minutes by Greg Khalaf

Attending Officers: Tolga Gumusayak, President Greg Khalaf, Secretary Anthony Yovnello, Acting Treasurer Edward Amaty, Chief Referee, CJRP Representative Jim Bogle, Vice President Others present: Larry Patrusevich James Garrett Kevin Dawkins Horace Walker Ernie Yeager

Meeting called to order at 7:30PM

Minutes from last meeting held on 4-16-2011 were read, accepted and approved.

Officers Reports:

Tony Yovnello gave the treasurers report and provided statements from the month of April 2011.

Secretary, Greg Khalaf reported: Monies were collected for boosters and ads for state shoot program.

Chief Referee, Ed Amaty reported: Referees for the state shoot have mostly been scheduled.

President, Tolga Gumusayak reported: Minutes and an article were posted on the NJSkeet web site. Postcards have not been prepared or mailed yet.

Old Business: Awards for the State shoot that were selected will be ordered by Tony Yovnello. Cost was estimated and the expense was approved.

Squadding procedures for State shoot were discussed. Tony Yovnello with take deposits. Larry Patrusevich will donate a printer. The printer will be for exclusive use of NJSSA and is to be used by NJSSA at JBMDL to administrate shoots.

Ernie Yeager gave a price and menu that the base caterer would provide for dinner at the State shoot. Menu and price were discussed.

Referees have been identified by Ed Amaty for State shoot. Larry listed boosters, ads and revenue collected for program.

What to do if a senior veteran shooter attends the State Shoot was discussed. Since there is only one NJ senior Vet and it is not known if he will attend, no medal will be ordered for that concurrent.

Tolga will get a list of addresses for Larry to mail out programs.

Discussion on hiring an outside service to run the State shoot was tabled for this year.

New Business: A new web site was created for range 14: www.range -14.com. A call in phone number for JBMDL shoots is established. To sign up for any shoots at JBMDL call: 609-351-0760 between 9 AM and 9 PM and speak to Kevin Dawkins.

Zeek Walker reported on shoots held at Pine Belt. Zeek also provided an order form for the metals which corresponds to the computer program award abbreviations. This will help to streamline metal distribution at the shoot. Mr. Walker presented a design for 2011 State shoot metals.

Dick Lukasick and Tony Veil are in charge of the Hall of Fame committee.

Next meeting was scheduled for June 22, 2011 at JBMDL range 14 at 7:30 pm.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM.