Jackson, NJ, A beautiful day out at Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol Club. John Zema does it again!!!! John won both the doubles and .410 events. John is on a tear!!! In the doubles John shot a 91.Nice shooting John!!! Jim Bogle won A class with a 89, in B class Hank Bauer won it with a 90 and John Nichols had A 86, in C class Lew Petryk won the class with a 86, a shoot-off for C-2/C3 between Bill Damora and Mike Murray and Mike can out on top. Nice shooting guys. For D class Ray Stas won with a 75 and Carol Abernathy was right behind Ray with a 73.

The .410 event there wasn’t any wind!!!!! John Zema won it with a 92!! Other winners are in A class was Lew Petryk with a 90, in B class Mike Murray with it with a 89, then was Ed Whitman with a 86, and in third was Dick Lukasik with a 82, in D class Bill Damora won it with a 80 and then Carol Abernathy with a 75 and third was Jim Areheart with a 74. Nice shooting !!!

Ray Stas won Most Improved shooter in New Jersey and Carol Abernathy made the Zone 2 team!!

Also I would like to thank Tony Horling for installing our new La-port skeet machines. Great job Tony!!! The birds flew beautifully. Next month I have our club championship