NJSSA MINUTES March 19, 2011
New Jersey State Skeet Association March 19, 2011 3rd meeting of 2011 Location: Central Jersey Rifle Pistol Club Minutes by Greg Khalaf

Attending Officers: Tolga Gumusayak, President Greg Khalaf, Secretary Anthony Yovnello, Acting Treasurer Edward Amaty, Chief Referee, CJRP Representative Others present: Ernie Yeager, Director of Outdoor Recreation at Joint Base Monmouth - Dix - Lakehurst Larry Patrusevich James Garrett James Bogle Meeting called to order at 2:20PM

Minutes from last meeting held on 2-19-2011 were read, accepted and approved. Officers Reports:

Tony Yovnello gave the treasurers report and provided statements from the month of Feb 2011. There are no prevailing expenses. Mr. Yovnello added that Thunder Mt has not yet paid 2011 State membership dues as of this date. Thunder Mt has still not paid fees from the Big Blast or State fees. Tolga called there 3 times and spoke to Ruth. Ruth said, a check was mailed to Ray Cronk. Thunder Mt submitted 3 dates for shoots for 2011 and is mailing a new check to Tony Yovnello. Numbers will not be issued until fees are received. Florham Park is paid and up to date.

Greg Khalaf gave the secretaries report as follows: Shooters inquired as to why FRPC had no shoots posted to the schedule on njskeet.com. A letter was sent to Ray Cronk informing him that he was removed as VP. The minutes from Feb 2011 meeting were posted on njskeet.com

Chief Referee: Ed Amaty had no report.

Presidents Report: NJskeet.com schedule is up to date. Contact info has been updated for Joint Base.

Old Business: The status of NJ’s NSSA directors was discussed. Terms expire at the end of the shooting year on October 31.

Ernie Yeager gave an update on the status of JBMDL shoots. The program is still in development and progress has been made. Shoot fees will be $33 per event for JBMDL shoots. It was noted that the fee was lowered, down from $36. JBMDL management anticipates increased participation in the upcoming shoots as a result. First shoot is in June and reservations will begin at the end of May. Tolga will do a mass notification. Procedures for mailing were discussed. The vacancy for VP was not yet posted. Awards for the State team were not selected yet.

The State teams have been identified. The top ten will make up two teams. They will receive leather goods from Lonesome Charlie’s. New NSSA standards for team qualifications were noted: The required minimum targets were reduced in all events. Information can be found on the NSSA-NSCA.com web site.

Next meeting, medals will be selected for the State Championship and how many to order will be determined, who the supplier will be, and the design. Alternate methods of how to distribute medals was discussed. The main problem is when recipients do not pick up their medals before their final departure or make arrangements to get them.

Larry Patrusevich will provide the form to sell ads for the State Shoot program. Ernie Yeager will get prices for catering services for the dinner at the State Shoot.

Next meeting is scheduled on April 16 at Central Jersey Rifle Pistol Club at the conclusion of the shoot.