NJSSA MINUTES February 19, 2011
New Jersey State Skeet Association

2011 2nd meeting - February 19, 2011

Location: Central Jersey Rifle Pistol Club Minutes by Greg Khalaf Officers Attending:

Tolga Gumusayak, President Greg Khalaf, Secretary Anthony Yovnello, Acting Treasurer Edward Amaty, Chief Referee, CJRP Represntative Others present: Ernie Yeager, Director of Outdoor Recreation at Joint Base Monmouth – Dix - Lakehurst

Larry Patrusevich James Bogle

The meeting was called to order at 2:10PM

Greg Khalaf read the Minutes from last meeting on 12-18-2010. Minutes were accepted and approved. Discussion followed regarding the letter sent to member clubs notifying them of the new rule.

Officers Reports: Tony Yovnello gave the treasurers report and provided statements from the past three months: Jan 2011, Dec 2010, and Nov 2010. The balance at the end of January 2011 was $6,670. There are no prevailing expenses. Mr Yovnello added that there are still problems with member clubs submitting annual dues in a timely manner.

Greg Khalaf gave the secretaries report as follows: The minutes from Dec 2010 meeting were posted on the web site along with notice to find a new treasurer. Member clubs were notified of new rule re: Sec, II H2. Scores from: Can’t Go To The World shoot at JBMDL (formerly Fort Dix) were posted. Greg Khalaf sent articles to SSR for Wrap-Ups and Kudos for Ryan Bricker from the Pine Belt Sportsman’s Club 12 Gauge and Doubles Dec 19, 2011 shoot results. He also sent pictures to NJSSA for the web site which Tolga posted with the article. Mr Khalaf made similar posts to NJSkeet on FaceBook. Mr Khalaf noted the value of making posts to njskeet.com and encourages other members to make similar submissions for the web sites, especially NJSkeet.com.

Chief Referee: Ed Amaty reported that referee exams were mailed to NSSA and some referees had already received their licenses, etc. Those who are current 2011 licensed referees appear on the NSSA web site, mynnsa.com. There are about one dozen currently licensed referees who are New Jersey residents.

Njskeet.com Web Site Report, given by Tolga Gumusayak: When questioned about the recent problems with our NJskeet.com web site, Mr Gumusayak reported that there are still problems with posting pictures on njskeet.com but it seems to be intermittent and only with Firefox. Currently, some pictures are included with articles rather than under photos. Those wishing to submit posts please send them to: webnjssa@gmail.com. There is little interest shown so far in New Jersey Skeet Shooting on Facebook and therefore posts have not been officially made.

Ernie Yeager, reported on the status of registered skeet shooting at Range 14: Mr Yeager stated there is no longer a Fort Dix Rod and Gun Club. He will no longer recognize the term, Fort Dix Rod and Gun Club. It is now a joint base. The official name is Maguire Dix Lakehurst Joint Base Rod and Gun Club. Mr Yeager’s official title is: Director of Outdoor Recreation at JBMDL. There is a web site under development for the club. It can be found at: GOMDL.com. Mr. Yeager added that the days of volunteers running shoots at the base are a thing of the past. The Air Force is now in command of the joint base and does things differently than the Army. On AF bases where there are skeet fields shoots are run by MWRD: Moral Welfare and Recreation Department. They run shoots as an activity of the base. The shoots held at Range 14 now will be JBMDL activities. The responsibility of running the shoots at JBMDL falls directly within Mr. Yeager’s responsibility. He added that running quality shoots at the base have always been and will still be his priority. Mr Yeager is in the process of developing the revised skeet program including: shoot dates, events, awards, sign up procedure, etc. There will be four NSSA JBMDL skeet shoots held at Range 14 in the 2011 shoot year including the NJ Skeet Championship. The State Shoot and Can’t Go To The World will be on approximately the same dates as previous years. Two more 5 gun shoots will be held, procedures will be announced in the near future. Tentatively they are: June 10 – 12, July 8 – 10, August 26 – 28 for the State, October 7 – 9 for CGTTW. Mr. Yeager added that currently the US Air Force is proud to accommodate the New Jersey Skeet Championship and the Zone 2 shoots as scheduled at Range 14. The entire program will be re-evaluated at the conclusion of the year in October. A dedicated phone line is planned for JBMDL shoot sign-ups. Mr. Yeager vowed to work diligently to provide quality shoots for all to enjoy.

Ray Cronk will no longer be serving as vice president of NJSSA and the search for a new vice president is underway. Interested candidates should contact Tolga Gumsayak. His contact info appears on njskeet.com. Once a suitable candidate is found and approved they will be appointed and start serving immediately. State teams will be determined now that the final scores are in. There are apparently 19 shooters who qualify by shooting at least the minimum target requirements. Awards for the team are yet to be decided. It was suggested that awards should be selected with more consideration for new achievers than for repetitive winners. Awards will be looked into.

Next open meeting of the NJSSA is scheduled on March 19 at Central Jersey Rifle Pistol Club at the conclusion of the shoot. All interested parties are urged to attend.