BY EDDIE AMATY JR. It was a very windy day at Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol Club in Jackson, NJ. The winds were gusting up to 50 MPH. But we had a shoot-off with two 91's, John Zema and Jim Bogle, in the end John Zema came out on top!! Nice Shooting John!!!!!! Other winners are in B class B-1 Jim Bogle with a 91, B-2 was Joe Attard with a 85 and Eddie Amaty with a 84, in C class winners were Andrew Harman C1 with a 79, Marvin Bradford C2 with a 78 and Ronald Perrine C3 with a 72. In D class winners were Jonathan Thiessen D1 with a 76, Ray Stas D2 with a 75 and Mike Gelles D3 with a 57. In E class Rita Attard iced the competion with a 65.

I would like to thank Tony Horling for reffing on sure a tough day. Great job Tony!!!!! Jonathan Thiessen and Mike Gelles for driving down from N.Y. Thanks for coming down, hope to see you guys again at Central Jersey. We had a state meeting afterwards. See everyone next month!!