NJSSA MINUTES December 2010
New Jersey State Skeet Shooting Association. 2011 Shoot Year 1st Meeting Dec. 18, 2010 Pine Belt Sportsman’s Club Shamong, Minutes by Greg Khalaf Officers present:

Tolga Gumusayak, President Tony Yovnello, Acting Treasurer Greg Khalaf, Secretary Others present: Horace Walker, Representing Pine Belt Lew Petryk, Representing Wayside Larry Patrusevich, Representing Fort Dix for NJSSA Ernie Yeager, Manager Fort Dix Rod & Gun One friend of Ernie Yeager’s who observed but did not want to be identified. Meeting was called to order at 16:13 by Tolga Gumusayak

Old business: No minutes were available from prior meetings.

Reports: Tony Yovnello gave the treasurers report. The following statements were provided: August 2010: September 2010: October 2010:

Mr. Yovnello noted that several expenses had been cut again this year in order to compensate for fewer participants at the State Championship. This effort was a success. The State shoot made a profit of $483.

It was also noted that this was the first time in an undetermined number of years that the State Shoot did not run a deficit. Discussion followed on how to save money in future shoots. One suggestion was to eliminate an award for E class HOA and the value of offering this award. Discussion followed.

Tony Yovnello commented further. He is requesting to be relieved of his duty as Treasurer but will continue as Acting Treasurer until a replacement can be found. Tolga Gumusayak will make a post on NJSkeet.com announcing the vacancy and the Associations desire to fill his position as treasurer as soon as possible.

It was suggested that hiring an outside service to run the State shoot should be considered. It was also expressed that running the shoot was too much work for the few that do it and in recent years they were not able to enjoy the shoot because they devoted so much time and effort to running it. Discussion on the subject followed including: both pros and cons. One question was regarding the duties that would be included in such a service. This would have to be determined. Noted problems with NJSSA officers running the shoot included; lack of help in general especially behind the counter, participants not paying for practice rounds, medal distribution, Larry Patrusevich made a motion to accept the treasurers report and 2nd by Greg Khalaf. All present agreed, the report was accepted.

New business; A letter sent from Zone director, to the fact that several discrepancies were not resolved, i.e. mishandling of NSSA shoot; State and NSSA fees, late and missing shoot fees and Fashion Clothing reports and award checks from NJ clubs. An attempt to correct all of the concerns will be made by association representatives. Clubs cited for late submissions and improper handling of fees included, Fort Dix, Thunder Mt and Florham Park. A motion was to impose a fine on clubs for not submitting fees in a timely manner. Outlines of the proposal were discussed and whether this was a sound idea. A desperate need to correct this problem was identified and agreed upon by all present. The motion was passed as follows: NJSSA will impose a fine of $25 in accordance with NSSA rule Sec II, H, 2 and it will be in addition to the NSSA fine specified in the rule. This is modified to 30 days instead of 15 for NJSSA purposes and by the amount of the fine. A letter will be drafted to notify member clubs of the new system and that non-conforming, past practices will no longer be tolerated.

A NJSSA shoot schedule will soon be finalized for the present year.

Meeting adjourned at 17:34