By Eddie Amaty Jr. Jackson, NJ.

It was a warm sunny day with a slight breeze at Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol Club.

Bill Kunie was hot with a 99 in the morning and a 98 in the afternoon HOA of 197!!!! Great shooting Bill!! Runner-up was Eddie Amaty with a 95 in the morning and a 94 in the afternoon for a 189 HOA.

Other winners,in B class are Andrew Harmon with a 174 and in C class Tony Horling has 181 and C -2 was Ed Whitman with a 179. In D class was Ron Brooks with a 187 and C0-2 was John Peretore with a 176. In E class was Carol Abernathy with a 173. Nice shooting by all!!

I would like to thank Mike Hutman from Shore Point Distributors in Freehold for his generosity in giving the club many great prizes( hats, key chains, cooler and a chair to name a few things) I gave out to all the shooters. Thank You Mike!!!!

I also wanted to thank Tom Abernathy and Tony Horling the day before setting up the machines. They flew great!!!!! And thank You Meryl for refng great job as usual!!

Thank for all the help including Ed Whitman and my two sons Gregory and Zachary for taking care of the fields. I saved the best for last Tom and Carol Abernathy donated the knive set Bill Kunie won. Thank guys!!

I would like to welcome John Peretore and Tom Giblon to the club championship and thanks for coming!